Friday, November 30, 2007

Yahoo ads in Acrobat - uggh!

This is going to be a disaster - I just know it:

Think Acrobat couldn't get any more bloated and ungainly? Think again.
Yahoo are on the case, they want to bloat it up even more with ads, and Yahoo ads can be quite bloated at the best of times.

The result, I'm sure, is going to be even more ungainly, ten times more bloated and a dozen time more likely to crash Acrobat and 20 times more likely to crash your browser.
Where did I get those statistics? I just pulled them out of my ass - which is pretty much the same thing Adobe done when they came up with this supposedly-inspired idea.

Man what's with Adobe anyway? I've watched them get bigger and bigger and bigger and eat up as many other companies as possible to the point where they now own half the internet. I've also watched as they've rolled out one new version of Acrobat after another, each more bloated than the last. I thought 6 was the last straw, then they came out with seven, which constantly crashed out printers and caused windows to freeze.

The latest version is over 23megs of a download, almost 30 if you neglect to uncheck the Photoshop Album Starter Edition, it takes an eon to install and slows down your PC startup time considerably. I can't even begin to imagine the immensity of this new, ad-infested version of Acrobat, not to mention the gargantuan amount of resources it's going to consume once it's installed or the horrendous crashes that will ensure once Vista users click via IE7 on links to PDF files - I'm sure there's many shiny new laptops going to pop their processors on that one.

I can't see ads working with PDF files, I just can't. All I can see happening are lots of crashes and a huge lag time, waiting for ads which nobody's going to give a shit about. I envision a large amount of clicks will be accidental, much to the annoyance of both surfers and advertisers alike.
Not to mention all the massive updates that are going to be needed to fix the bugs and all the exploits that are going to be found in the system. I think this is setting a bad precedent here. The whole point of a PDF is that it's clear and legible and that you can print them out with ease. (Though you can ask my friend who tried to print from Acrobat 7 to his Xerox copystation about that one) Who the hell wants ads getting in the way?

I don't know why they still insist on calling it Acrobat anyway?
Acrobats are supposed to be light, nimble and flexible, not massive, bloated and sloppy.

Seriously, do yourselves a favour, use Foxit.

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