Monday, January 28, 2008

Back in the days when the internet was crap...

Internet 96

Now this gave me a good laugh when I read it this morning, some of the pages are just diabolically bad. It's hard to believe that even global giants like Pepsi, McDonalds and Lego would rather forget their first forays onto the "information superhighway" as people insisted on calling it back then.

Makes me want to cringe.

You can have more fun yourself with the way back machine

Here's Briongloid back in the day minus the one-image placeholder I'd up.

Here's Microsoft in 96

Here's what crap RTE would have us watch back in 1996. Note how proud they are of the fact that they're "On Line", even though nobody else in the country was.

In fact, here's Telecom Eireann's first appearance Hmm, some missing images - I better contact their "webmaintainer". I guess they didn't have a webmaster, because it's quite obvious they hadn't quite mastered the internet either. In the end they become masters of selling crappy shares.

One that still makes me laugh is the Information Age Town.

Having lived in the Information Age town for a few years I can tell you it didn't quite blossom into the bustling cybertopia they said it would. I did, however, fix my fair share of Information Age PCs, with their horrible shrieking modems whilst we waited until mid 2004 for broadband which brings me nicely onto...

Here's €ircom
who were still calling it the Information Superhighway in 1999.
Then again they also thought ISDN
was high tech back in 1999. Finally, here's €ircom
yammering on about Y2K Compliance

Of course we made into the Millenium with no major hiccups and here's a tasty and tempting website from Supermacs to prove it.
The website is "under construction" and whoever the website builder was obviously took lots of teabreaks.

Nearly six months in the making the Supermacs website finally comes online. It took a lot of work obviously, to design a front page that's even more unappealing than their food. I find the date worth noting, April 1st. Sadly though, they didn't take the page down again the next day, that was actually their website.

Luckily you don't actually have to use the wayback machine to look at old skool websites, just do a Google search for B&Bs in your area for some seriously hideous websites.
Or check out the site of Bunratty's most famous Bar, Durty Nellys.
When do you think it was designed? 1996? 1995?
Nope - 2001. Oh deary, deary me!

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