Friday, April 11, 2008

Old NES games in your browser

Came across this today, it's an online Nintendo game site. Though, having messed around on it during lunch it seems to be far more stable than NES Cafe.

When you play these games, in all their 8bit splendor, one might be forgiven for thinking the gameplay is as primitive as the flickery graphics or the hideous warbly (though often funky) music. Don't underestimate them though, they're still great fun. And not always easy either.

Actually some of the hardest games I ever beat were on the NES. Some could not be beat without the infamous Konami cheat some were just nigh-on impossible and others were just utterly impossible.

Nintendo graphics images by Ahuri

...Ah so many memories, so many wasted hours....

Ostro - the 8bit transexual

Cheeky, grinning helicopter yokes - oh how
I hated them

Cutman - my deep-seated aversion to using
scissors can be traced back to this character.

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