Thursday, July 24, 2008

He Ain’t Heavy – He’s My Brother MFC-8440.

Now I’m going to do something I’ve not done before on this blog, write a review. Actually, review isn’t quite the right word, because a review can sometimes be negative as well as positive, and there’s just no way I can say anything negative about my Brother.

I bought my Brother because I had worked in a computer shop for years with a friend and we both loved our Brother. It was a previous model to the 8440, I can’t remember which, and the only thing I can say bad about the 8440 is that the scanning quality wasn’t as good as that older model, which, unlike the 8440, scanned very high quality indeed. (That’s about the only bad thing I can say about the 8440, actually, the scan quality isn’t the best, but considering what it was designed for it doesn’t really need to be so I guess it's not such an issue)

I bought my 8440, when I set up my own shop, to be the workhorse, and after years of pumping out prints and photocopies, of scanning and faxing for myself and for the thousands of customers who had come through the place, day-in, day-out, non-stop, and it’s still going strong. Even with all the use I got a huge amount of printing out of just one toner cartridge, which is more than I can say about that piece of shit Konica Minolta which has become the bane of my existence. (Seriously, the only reason I don't throw my konica out the window is because I'd put my back out doing it)

The Brother's high capacity toner cartridge lasts me over a year, and even when it says you’re low, if you use toner save mode, you’ll get a good few months before you have to change it. I don’t have the ratings off the top of my head but you can look them up on Google, they’re good, really good.

For people running a SOHO operation, as I do now, a Brother MFC is the ideal machine. First of all it’s way cheaper than an inkjet and secondly its far more versatile. I see a lot of businesses using Dells or Lexmarks, seriously, instead of getting more toner or ink for them, chuck them in the bin where they belong and get one of these, you can thank me for it later.

As a photocopier it’s ideal, especially for offices who have a lot of copying to do but have neither the budget or the space for a large copier, unless you’re printing hundreds and hundreds of documents a day, this will do the job nicely. It’s also a great fax machine, pretty speedy too. Nothing worse than sending out faxes on an old, busted fax machine and waiting hours for them to come in. With the Brother you can either scan them on the flat bed or feed in as many pages as you like, it whips them through, no worries at all, and fires them off straight away, no waiting for hours like you do with some lower baud faxes.

Paper jams are relatively infrequent in comparison with other machines and tend to only happen with poor quality paper. Page curl is not a significant problem either. This is the sort of machine you can use as an office printer, shared off one machine, and still use to send faxes and photocopy at the same time.

It’s also light, very light in fact, and relatively small too. It really is a great little machine. And I honestly couldn't function without Brother multifunction.

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micro bikini said...

Brother brand is a great brand for Printers and all in ones. I've used before, tested and it works great.

Anonymous said...

Brother brand is nice brand i use from long time and its reliable

Broadband said...

Brother brand is one of the most reliable brands i been using them for the last two years.