Friday, July 25, 2008

I Will Follow

I've decided to remove "rel = "nofollow" tag to entice more people into making comments on here and to get more activity overall.

By default most blog services have the rel = nofollow tag on comments built in which tells search engines not to follow links there. So even when you type in your web address when posting and then your name shows up as a hyperlink to your site, it doesn't actually count for anything and you don't get any page rank.

In most cases, having this setup is desirable because otherwise all your hard-earned page rank would then be bled away by people making comments. Obviously this is something of an ideal situation for spammers, who not only get their filthy links but they also steal your page rank. Thankfully these can easily be filtered out with anti-spam plugins like Wordpress' Askimet.

A dofollow blog is also going to attract a second type of commenter like moths to a lightbulb, page rank junkies who go from one dofollow blog to another posting comments. I know this because I've done this myself, and will continue to do so, and advise any people who are interested in increasing their own page rank to do so. It's still a great SEO technique, which is not frowned upon, and is also a great way to network with other like-minded bloggers.

If you are looking for such blogs one thing you can do is look for dofollow blogs directories and also have a gander at Bumpzee's NoNoFollow community which has links to more directories.

Another great little trick I picked up, not so much blackhat, more like charcoal (sorry that's an obscure reference to a really old crap washing powder ad) hat is to do a google image search for "ifollow.gif" variants. Have a look at my own one, just above my about me section, he's "ifollowblue.gif", there's also a green, orange, pink, purple and ltgreen.

So, if having a dofollow blog sacrifices your page rank and leaves you moderating more and more posts and deleting more and more spam why would you ever want to do this? The answer is simple, I'd rather have traffic than page rank.

If you have a blog then, naturally, you are going to want as many people as you can to visit and read it. Odds are you've also got adsense and/or other affiliate advertising on it which you want to make money from. Or maybe you just feel like you have something to say but nobody even knows that you exist. SEO and linkbuilding is one thing, but it can consume a lot of time, submitting here, clicking there, typing in squiggly illegible captchas, hitting refresh, waiting, reading, writing articles, writing comments, looking at your Google Analytics for the fifth time that week and watching as, at last, people start to come in drips and drabs. What you need, therefore, is a fast way to get people to come to your site, you need a hook and that's where getting recognised as an Ifollow blogger comes in handy. It's like the flower and the bee, the flower needs to spread its pollen, so it offers nectar to the bees.

For Blogger blogs like mine, you can use this method. For Wordpress it's even more straightforward, you can use a dofollow plugin. If you'd prefer not to use a plugin (for whatever reason) then you can also do it manually.

I primarily use Blogger and Wordpress, so I'm not really familiar with other platforms (I'm currently rectifying this) but a quick Google will find the method for your own blogging platform.

Amyways, I'm going to leave you, for no real reason, with, the video to U2s "I Will Follow."

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Auto Art said...

Two more :)

sacx from DoFollow Directory said...

Another one to check is ...

Briongloid said...

Just after signing up there actually. :)

Tips 4 Blogspot said...

Thanks for the mention!

And the U2 video. I am just waking up here and the lads got me engine revving.

Brionglóid Media said...

Well thanks to your tip hopefully I'll get this blog's engine revving!

Added your site to my blogroll in gratitude.

Cisco Certifications said...

Dofollow blogs have, all of sudden, become useful online properties. I have always been looking to enlarge my list and the blogs like yours can help doing so.

Brionglóid Media said...

It's true.

Even though I haven't really done much with this blog in a good while, it still, none the less, attracts a modest amount of traffic - this is pretty much entirely due to the NoFollow effect.

Course you have to weed out a lot of spam obviously.