Saturday, July 19, 2008

July The 19th

On This Day:

  • Galway Liberated From Indians.

  • Marathon Becomes Snickers.

  • Ice Age Ended.

Clip probably won't stay up long but anyway...

I was watching this episode recently, "Hell", the episode where Father Ted, Dougal and Jack go on their annual holiday, which they do every July the 19th. As I watched it I finally decided that I would do something I'd been meaning to do for the longest time. Here I am, a huge Father Ted fan, living in Clare, but had yet to make my pilgrimage to Craggy Island Parochial House. So I decided that this July the 19th I would rectify this.

(Map, and more directions and stuff from this site.)

I'm glad to say that, except for the Virgin Mary at the side of the gate the house looks every bit the same as it does on the show and I'm glad the people who own it have kept it that way. It's a private house so we didn't want to hang around outside it too long, but whoever they are they're obviously dog lovers. As I took a couple of shots of the place I was met by a greeting party of four sheepdogs followed by the cutest litter of sheepdog puppies who came bounding across the green yipping and yapping as they went. Our own dog was in the car with us going mad with the excitment, trying to jump out the window to play with them. But instead we just drove off again and left Craggy Island's custodians in peace.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time this year to visit St Kevin's Stump but I guess we'd just blow up with excitement if we done that. At any rate for those who wish to go on a Ted Tour the best thing to do is to head from Corofin to Killnaboy. As you enter the village you will see a sign for the school on the right, head out this road for a while (about 2-3 kilometers at a rough estimate ), the house is on the left. As I said, it's a private house so just bear that in mind.

Then keep heading up that road and head towards Carran. From Carran, then, you can head towards Ballyvaughan, home of the "Very Dark Caves." Heading left from Ballyvaughan will bring you along the scenic coast road to Fanore, where the caravan park is located and also, I believe, "The Field", (so called because it has less rocks in it than any of the other fields.

From Fanore you can head down to Doolin and get the ferry to the Arran Islands, where the aerial shots in the title sequence were filmed. Also near Doolin are the iconic Cliffs of Moher, where a lot of Ted sequences were shot, like the Holy Stone of Clonrichert sequence. Also nearby are the towns of Lisdoonvarna (a.k.a. Craggy Island's Chinatown) and Ennistymon (a.k.a. The Mainland)

Another good spot for "Ted-spotters" is Spanish Point near the town of Miltown Malbay. This is where the sequence from the xmas special with Ted running along the beach was shot; "you're only the second best priest, the second best priest..."

There's loads more of them, tbh, so Google away.
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