Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Page Rank Junkies

The other day I realised something - I'm nuts.

But I'm hardly the only one. To me, from my own vantage point from inside this home office that I seem to be leaving less and less this days, I can see that there are, in fact, two different types of people. The first are the ones who live in ignorant bliss and haven't the faintest idea what page rank is and the rest of us, with whom it has become an all-consuming obsession.

Why, for example, did I feel the need to run out and tell my girlfriend about the PR changes my sites have had, as though we should perhaps mark the occasion, maybe go out to a fine restaurant and propose a toast "to pagerank!"

What the hell is wrong with me? When did I start caring about page rank?
It used to be I'd stay out clubbing until 4am on a Saturday night, instead
of mindlessly pasting in URLs and squinting in despair at illegible spider-scrawl captchas.

Of course I'd probably be bragging if my sites had had any huge leap in PR since the last time, though they haven't, they've pretty much stayed pat, with newer ones picking up at around one or two. Not a great result, far less than what I was anticipating, though at least I haven't lost any.

If you log onto any web design or seo forum, though, you're bound to come across the hordes of angry, bitter people delivering fiery tirades at Google because the "high PR directory" they've been pushing has suddenly been reduced to zero. Not to mention all those who have spent way too much time, and possibly a fair bit of cash, submitting to bogus "high PR directories" then lost it all with the latest update.

Things like this will continue to happen so long as we all keep following the PR Rainbow. Google have the game rigged, lads. Otherwise we wouldn't need them.
It keeps us in the game, it keeps them in the game and it keeps this whole mess ticking over. In this ocean of information, mostly useless, which we call the internet, page rank is just a tidal force. It goes up, it goes down - c'est la vie - better to focus on long-term link strategies.

Not that I'm saying that PR does not have its uses, it does, but I think at times we forget that it's really a means of measurement. It's like obsessing over the pint glass, rather than the actual pint. Focus on the ends, not the means.

As I said in my last post I'd rather have no PR and lots of traffic than lots of PR and nobody reading, which is why I decided to change my blog to a Do Follow blog

When it comes to building links, slow and steady wins the race. Google are the first to tell you that and they're deliberately penalizing sites that use artificial means to build backlinks, what we call Blackhat SEO techniques and I would be very, very skeptical of people who say they can build lots of backlinks or boost your page rank fast. Maybe they can, indeed, do so, but at best your PR will plummet with the next update or, at the very worst, your site could even be penalized by Google.

As for me, myself, I'm slowly coming off the green bar. I no longer look to see if there's been an update every morning and I don't spend so much time checking and rechecking the iweb PR tool either.

It's a slow and very painful process, and I'm not entirely clean yet. I've been doing a lot of Yahoo lately, it's not as potent but the come-down isn't so harsh either, and on a bad day, if I feel I really badly need a fix, I get a hit from website grader, a very different feeling to PR, but it helps make the pain go away. I feel I should also admit that, in my weaker moments, I went on a brief alexa binge. I'm not proud of it but in my defence it was an isolated incident. On the whole I am getting better, I can feel it, some days are better than others obviously, but hopefully, with your support, dear readers, I'll get through this, one day at a time, until the day where I can say, without hesitation, that I am finally free of that Old Green Bar.

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Internet Marketing said...

I used to very obsessed with pagerank to the extent that i would do at least 10 checks on that little green bar every single day. As time passes, i noticed that i lost focus on my SEO campaign and from then onwards, i stop recognizing the PR bar as a measurement of seo success.

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