Friday, August 1, 2008


In the latest bid to sell us crap, our hacker buddies in the Russian Mafia have come up with a new virus which is currently out-storming the storm worm

For those who don't remember, the Storm worm first came to prominence in January last year, in a variety of different guises. The original first began talking about an actual storm but then the headlines changed, some relating to things such as Iraq and others, and these were the ones I saw the most of, actually, were the "A friend/family member/admirer has sent you a postcard/greeting card/video/etc" variety. I remember, around springtime last year my Gmail account was getting dozens upon dozens of those a day, but, kudos to Gmail, every single one of them were sent to spam, do not pass go. Obviously, though, some other webmail clients weren't so lucky.

The mission of one of these emails is, to firstly propagate itself by infecting a machine and then making that machine send out more emails like itself, before moving onto phase two, which involves creating a botnet which, for all intents and purposes is a black marketplace for sending out the spam we all know and hate, generally relating to things like fake watches and pills of a penile nature.

There have been plenty of variants of storm and copycat viruses since then. And the latest salvo is a virus that propagates by using headline news, usually of a sensational manner. I mentioned, last week or so, the presidential porn spam I received, and indeed the presidential race is proving a lucrative source of headlines for the spammers, but even more outlandish are those which, among other things, are predicting a nuclear holocaust.

This new worm plays on fears of a second war in the Middle East with headlines such as US Army Invades Iran or Iran fires Missile at Israel. It reminds me of an old April Fools trick.

The bottom line of this is, if you get spam in your email and it has a sensationalist headline, whether it's about atomic Armageddon or Amy Winehouse (and tbh it's hard to know which is worse) or whatever it might be, whatever you do DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK!

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Lough Derg Holidays said...

There's another one going around at the moment pretending to be an "Angelina Jolie Video"

I wonder how many people were suckered in by that one?

Briongloid said...


Singapore SEO said...

Lots and lots of this spam mail are getting ways into my Inbox and not my Junk mail. I am wondering how to block all these using my Outlook

Brionglóid Media said...

It isn't so much a case of blocking the emails from Outlook, you need to block them at source, as it were, so if it's through your ISP you might need to talk to them about it, or if it's to your own domain's email then you need to get onto your hosting provider and see what spam filtering services they offer.

All good ISPs and hosting providers should offer this service nowdays.