Friday, August 8, 2008

Woah that's a lotta spam! - CNN fake news alert virus bombarding inboxes worldwide.

Yes the Spamolympics officially have begun!

Seems all I'm doing these days is reporting on spam.
This latest one is masquerading as "CNN Alerts" and is hitting my Gmail spam folders at an alarming rate. It appears to be the same sort of video link spam-baiting that I mentioned earlier, this time focusing on the Olympics with lines such as "Beijing Olympics postponed indefinitely". (Oh if only it were true, it bores me to tears)

At any rate, here's some info on the CNN virus and more here from /.

Woah! Just got another one! Here's a pic:

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Singapore SEO said...

This is BS. I have been receiving this spam mail on all my email accounts. It is coming in as different emails, even though i have blocked the address and ip.

Briongloid said...

Blocking anything with the subject "CNN Alerts" seemed to do the trick for me.

I have to say, though, what with the Olympics and war in Georgia, the timing of this virus could not have been better, or for the rest of us, worse.

Irish Web Design said...

Seem to get more now, from MSNBC, so I've had to filter subjects with "MSNBC" as well.