Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm a Chrome Dome.

I'm writing this with a brand new browser, you've probably all heard about it, it's Google's new Chrome. Sure the logo looks eerily reminiscent of Simon and yes there are security issues but then let's remember that it is a beta. And let's also remember that it's greatest competitor is also a beta, and no I don't mean IE8 (and you all know what I think about IE8) I mean IE7, or any other version of IE, or anything else by Microsoft which are all beta products anyway. So I'll forgive that.

First impressions of Chrome are, that I find it fairly nippy and lighter. Firefox, my default browser, I find pretty heavy. It's like changing from a heavy saloon to a speedy sporty hatchback but I'll stop those analogies now before I start coming on all Jeremey Clarksonish. Also, the words "Jeremey Clarksonish" have been underlined (oddly enough it also seems to underline "Google" as a potential spelling error) but colour has not, because I've set this to UK English, and it's stayed that way, not like a certain company I could mention who seems bent on promoting American "English" as the de facto language of this planet.

Hopefully, in the full version, Google will satisfy my jingoism by also including Irish English and Gaelic, but then Google being Google I'm sure with the full release I'll be able to browse in Klingon if I were so inclined.

It's taking me time to get used to the layout. Especially if I right click, because I'm used to "open in new tab" being second from the top of the right click menu. The lack of buttonage at the top I also find really strange. I'm used to my dozens of buttons, plugins and toolbars. That, added to the security concerns, is the main reason why I won't be migrating from Firefox any time soon. And whilst I don't think it's going to take Google too long to arrange some great toolbars for Chrome, for the time being, at least, I'm just going to be messing around with it, rather than using it for serious browsing.

That said, whilst I don't see it replacing my default browser I could certainly see it bumping off my number two - Opera. At present I use Opera mainly because I find it faster and lighter. It's my "first thing in the morning" browser, where it's wonderful speed dial function means I can have my top five sites open in seperate tabs by the time Firefox 3 has loaded. Of course Chrome has something very similar.

On the whole, I have to say, that Chrome has got me more excited than IE8, and, I have to say, even more excited than Firefox 3. I like what I've seen so far, both in the options (though tbh it could do with a lot more of them) as well as how it renders websites.

The other big point for me was how rapidly I could install it and work away on it, no lengthy interrogation, no need to reboot, just a quick clickedy-click and away I go. The newer incarnations of IE, on the other hand, take bloat to whole new levels. And then there's the famous runonce page (run once - hah!) where you are prompted over and over to "tour" Internet Explorer and take the time (AAARRRGHHHHH!) to set up and tweak all the utterly innane and pointless features like its ridiculous phishing filter. Chrome also has an anti-phishing filter, but unlike IE's, which scores high on the Norton scale (when a useless piece of software or feature therein is a pain in the ass to disable/remove/uninstall I measure it in "Nortons") and is a pain to disable, Chrome's can be disabled with a simple click of a tickbox easily located in the "under the hood" tab.

So, the verdict. Chrome's not there yet, obviously, and has a fair way to go, but it certainly shows promise. I know a lot of people are also complaining about privacy and so forth, but hey, Google already read your email, they already know everyone's dirty little secrets, seriously, the browser won't make much of a difference at this stage. Where it might make a difference, however, is in the browser wars. Although, from what I've read about Chrome, this is just step one of Google's new plan (and no I don't mean Google's plan for a new Europe) I mean their plan to wean people away, not just from Internet Explorer, but also from Office, Windows and Microsoft in general.

And you know what, two years ago I'd have shuddered at the thought of a Google OS, but Windows Vista changed all that. For us geeks Vista was our 9/11. The world will never be the same after it. And I, for one, welcome our new Chrome-domed overlords and their new European World Order.

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anna nicole smith said...

Yes i love google chrome browser i am using this from first day chrome has released it is better than internet explorer 7. there are many features added with fully security.

Gino Carpio said...

For me i go for Firefox! plugins make my job easier!