Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our New Website - Great New Services & Amazing Web Design Special Offers

As some of you may have no doubt noticed the Brionglóid Media website was offline for a while pending a major overhaul. To be quite honest the original site was a few years old by this stage and looked it. But the much-needed redesign kept getting pushed back by both a number of new projects plus a huge increase in regular website maintenance work. Which is a good complaint to have, of course.

The new site is now 100% up and running and it isn't just the look of the site that's changed but the content too. The most notable difference between the old site and the new, other than the look of it, is the new format with a whole new links section, a completely redesigned portfolio section a section for articles plus a new customer testimonials section. New services have also been added including a copywriting service and, perhaps most significantly, we've added a whole new section devoted to web and graphic design special offers.

Our new special offers, and indeed the entire new site content, was specifically devised to reflect the current - argh! I nearly said "the current economic climate" didn't I? I hate that phrase, it's the phrase awful people use to justify price hikes and job cuts - so let's just blurt it straight out and say it. The Recession. Yes, we're in a recession.

In a recession, if you want to stay in business it's vital that you sell, sell, sell! And in this day and age, if you want to sell, your company has to have a well designed website - simple as that. Hence the genesis of my new Recession Buster website package; a complete website for just €250. Or for those who just wish to have a one-page website, there's also the Business Card website - which is not only the cheapest but also, for your money, the most effective way to gain a substantial web presence.

Our other packages include our Web Starter web design package, which is designed specifically for those who are looking to take their first small steps on the worldwide web and one giant leap for their business. Similarly our Business Builder and Business Builder PLUS packages allow companies to avail of the full spectrum of web 2.0 technologies including blogging, social networking, live RSS feeds, podcasts and Twitter, as well as traditional Search Engine Optimisation, for less than the cost of an ad in the local newspaper.

Finally our Online Superstar package has been developed specifically for the arts and entertainment world such as musicans, artists, bands or events management and promotions companies or indeed anyone who wishes to leverage the full potential of Internet marketing techniques, social networking, blogging and multimedia services to maximise their exposure.

In addition to our new special offers, new services and existing web services and IT consultancy services, we will also continue to offer graphic design services such as poster/flyer design, corporate literature and brochure design, logo design and graphic design for websites

If you're interested in these services, or want to learn about our other additional services and special offers, visit our new website at or contact us today.

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