Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nintendo to release 3D version of handheld DS console

As regular readers of this blog no doubt already know, I'm a huge Nintendo fan.

Yes, when it comes to the Big N I'm just a big kid. I still have my original NES in not-so-mint condition and will freely admit to have sacrificed a large portion of my life to the Legend of Zelda series, from the first golden cartridge all the way up to the Twilight Princess on the Wii. So the first great news for me is that there's a new installment on the way.

The really BIG news from the Big N, however, is the upcoming release of the 3DS, a three dimensional version of their excellent DS handheld which apparently manages to create a stunningly realistic 3D effect without the need for goofy glasses.

View the video of people's reactions to it here. Maybe the effect can't be captured on 2D camera, then again maybe it's just clever marketing, but somehow not being able to see the effect and only being able to hear people talking about it only makes me want to see one in action more.

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Server Hosting said...

This is just horrible. The timing for announcing 3DS can not be any worse than now when the DSi XL is being released in the United States. This is Nintendo's Achilles heel. They have done this time after time...releasing refined versions of a core hardware rather than releasing good software's to support the hardware.

Brionglóid Internet Marketing said...


When you say software do you mean the games? Or do you mean the firmware of the consoles themselves.

If I were to say what Nintendo's main Achilles heel is, it's that they're always late to the party as far as trends in gaming technology are concerned.

They were late to the 16 bit party allowing the Sega Megadrive/Genesis to gain enormous market share, they were late to the colour console party and they still used cartriges way longer than anyone else did.

Palmdale Real Estate said...

Were they late when they came out with the Wii? It seems like everyone else is still trying to play catch up. I'm wondering who else has a 3D hand-held?

The only real problem with the 3ds is that it won't be released in time for Christmas.

Brionglóid Internet Marketing said...

Yeah I think the latest generation of Nintendo consoles are a true return to form not seen since the late 80s, when the NES and Gameboy showed just how novel and innovative computer gaming can truely be.

The DS opened up a new markets for video games where they hadn't previously existed. Having different colours, including pink, made them more appealing to girls as well as boys.

The titles available often weren't "video games" at least not in the traditional sense, but activities, where you can train your brain, train your virtual dog, solve mysteries, etc.

Many of these were also aimed at a more mature market, making the console more appealing to adults too. Advertising helped, having celebs like Nichole Kidman and Patrick Stewart advertising the DS on TV.

But the Wii was the real game-changer, if you excuse the pun. Firstly, it was great fun and appealing to adults of all ages from 8 to 80. More ingenious still was how, with titles like Wii Sports and Wii Fit, they convinced parents to buy the Wii rather than other consoles because they saw it as a healthier, more active alternative.

website design said...

I think the times are changes and the Nintendo must be with the 3D wave. However, the most important producers of games consoles must align with these technologies.

MicroSourcing said...

And if Nintendo wants to keep making sales, they need to keep fighting issues with regard to piracy (which nabs a lot of profit from game consoles) and Intellectual Property.

Convert flv said...

I have the game and the 3d is actually one of the best examples of 3d, BUT it does have its weak spots. For example: You are Link and your walking into a house with the door open. With the 3d on, you will see a double image of Link probably because nintendo exagerated on the 3d. If you are riding on Link's horse outside, everything is just fine.