Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Soma FM - maintaining my workday sanity since 2003

SomaFM commercial free internet radio

One of my favourite websites has to be, without a doubt, Soma FM. It's a San Francisco-based website with various different themed radio stations playing different types of music, mainly electronic.

A long-running mainstay has to be Groove Salad with a playlist that runs from funky ambient, jazzy electronica to lounge and Cafe Del Mar-style chill.

Chillout with Groove Salad on SomaFM, commercial-free, independent, alternative/undeground internet radio

However of late I've found myself listening more and more to Sonic Universe, which has some pretty out-there electronic jazz experiments with a lot of names I had hitherto never encountered before but will certainly be investigating. Some of it's pretty funky, some of it's pretty scary, some of it's very psychedelic, most of it is all three at the same time.

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Jeff Gold said...

Awesome. I mostly just use pandora but I'll definitely check these sites out. Thanks for sharing.

Los Angeles Printing Service said...

I don't think anyone really needs a radio anymore. Everything can literally be found on the internet.

Click On Portal said...

Cool electronic sound. It's a nice site.

corporate event management said...

pandora is brilliant but i didn't know these other sites existed... many thanks!

Briongloid said...

That's a pretty cool looking website you have there by the way.